Edinburgh Connections Members can publish content on our blog. We encourage you to send us regular updates about your products/services. You can email your article to Anna and it will be reviewed and published with 2-3 working days. The Edinburgh Connections blog is performing well in Google search engine results so to make the most of the opportunity, please make sure that you follow our publishing rules before you submit:

  1. Content should be long enough to be visible in Google, but don’t obscure your message with too much information. Ideal content should have 2-3k characters.
  2. Have a clear Call to Action in each article, so you can measure the effectiveness of your content strategy, e.g. Download eBook, Book Appointment, Attend Webinar
  3. Structure your article with H1 Heading and H2 Subheadings
  4. Make sure you include 1-2 links to your website and another 1-2 links to external website to support your content. 
  5. Provide keyword(s) and meta tags description along with your content.
  6. Send a good quality image along with your content so it can be used in our blog and social media.
  7. At the bottom of the article please provide recommended social media post wording and who we should mention. This will help us to build a social media post that will bring traffic to your articles. We use Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.