Digital PR uses expert content to get businesses more clicks, more visits, more interactions and ultimately more sales.

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used to enhance your online presence. It is achieved by producing high quality content and then using this content to network with journalists, bloggers and influencers to gain high-quality backlinks from key websites and online publications, social media mentions, positive customer reviews, and to improve SEO. Digital PR is an evolved form of PR. Instead of only targeting print publications, Digital PR focuses on online publications and brand awareness.

What a Digital PR campaign should achieve for your business:

1 – Create engaging, high quality content that is SEO-friendly.

2 – Build brand trust – a digital PR campaign ensures your customers only see positives when they type your company’s name into a search engine.

3 – Boost website traffic – more people reading about your business and sharing your content via social media, means more people will be visiting your website.

4 – Improve SEO and rankings – content is king!

6 – Increase sales – the more people reading about your products and clicking through to your website, the more leads you will generate.

“Without Digital PR, any SEO campaign you’ve been running will not get you top on Google.”