i4 Business Improvements, a recently established Business Process Management consultancy based in Stirling.  Set up with the goal to help Scottish based businesses help themselves by improving the understanding, management, and execution of their Continuous Improvement efforts. To all Edinburgh Connections Members we would like to offer free Continuous Improvement Assessment.

We would like to offer some useful guidance on what is required for an effective continuous improvement model, as well as provide you with an opportunity to get a free independent review of your organisation’s continuous improvement maturity.

Why do you need an effective Continuous Improvement model?

The ongoing effort by a business to help drive a competitive advantage, through the Continuous Improvement of its products, services, and processes has never been so crucial in these testing times.

The Covid-19 pandemic has for so many businesses, dramatically changed their operating landscapes.  With the need to rapidly align to new customer needs, revisit and adjust business models & strategies, implement new organisation structures, adopt new roles & responsibilities, working practices, processes and procedures, all to support the new operation.

This all adds up to some major change for businesses and organisations, with the added pressures on teams to be able to quickly problem solve, identify opportunities and develop improvement solutions. Then to the hard part of the actual implementation. To be effective, to ensure sustainability and deliver value, these solutions all need to be implemented in a controlled way, using robust continuous improvement and change management practices.

Investing in and aligning your Continuous Improvement efforts today in these challenging times could prove a crucial play in helping you gain a competitive advantage and maximise your business performance for tomorrow.

Please get in touch to find out more, claim your free Continuous Improvement Assessment on how we can help you on your Continuous Improvement journey…