Witold Wisniewski, one of Edinburgh Connections members is testing his new strategy workshop. This is a full day practical activity focused on using business models to build strategy. The participants will have an opportunity to check how different business models can impact the business and use the business modeling tools on the pre-prepared cases to build their strategy skills.

What is the cost of it?
Because Witold is testing new workshop cases, there is a small fee to cover cost of lunch and workshop place. Witold will ask participants to share with him honest and deep feedback to help him to develop this workshop. If you would like to take a part in this event, please register your interest: https://bit.ly/2TTgcVk

About Witold
Witold supports early stage companies and SMEs who started up and grow organically and now they are ready to make a next step. He is a Strategy & Transition consultant who works as your partner. He focus on a strategic understanding of business model and most important systems and developing the operating culture which enables the teams in the business to be more adaptable, flexible and responsive to emerging opportunities.