Lindab manufactures and distributes air movement products. Its head office is based in Northampton, with production facilities in Manchester and twenty-four trade counters around the UK & NI. Lindab’s UK Finance & Operations Director, Rob Evans, first met Auditel Consultant, Paul Millican. Recognising that, whilst they were market leaders in ventilation products in the UK, they didn’t have the expertise or time in-house to properly manage their essential business overheads.

With this in mind, they decided to give Auditel a go and asked Paul to review their stationery spend.

This initial project was a huge success, not just because Paul returned a significant saving of 33% on an annual spend of around £50k, but also because he quickly established relationships with various stakeholders across the business and other projects to review cost areas such as merchant cards, fuel, PPE soon followed.

Value-added peace of mind
Mike Goodspeed, Lindab’s Managing Director, comments, “It would be almost impossible to take on a full-time employee to do the work Paul has undertaken. He has a wide range of knowledge that we just don’t have in house. But it’s not just the savings, it’s the knowledge that our costs are being professionally managed and kept under control and the peace of mind that it gives us.”

Impressive outcomes
The first really big project was to review car leasing and again Paul proved Auditel’s worth. By streamlining the fleet he returned a saving of 10% on a £438k annual spend, whilst also ensuring that the cars available to employees were a step up on their previous models!

This was followed by a review of photocopiersand MFDs, which returned a 50% saving and a handy refund of £100k.

Going the extra mile
Mike adds, “Whilst we appreciate there is a commercial aspect for Paul we have always felt that whatever decision or advice we receive the overriding aspect is that it should benefit Lindab. Paul has always been prepared to offer support and advice even in areas outside of his remit.”

“His range of expertise is enabling us to maximise our potential with various suppliers.” Rob agrees, “Sometimes the company culture can’t be changed to maximise savings, but even where there has been no financial reward for Paul, he has always been ready to get involved and help out.”

Rob adds, “Whereas most other cost consultants I have come across are “one trick ponies”, i.e. cost reduction only, Paul’s consistent attention to the business processes, attention to detail, thirst for knowledge about our products and advising what is best for the company is extremely refreshing.”

Author: Auditel

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