As we all now have to stay home due to current health
situation I’m here to help you stay healthy while staying productive working
from home.

Let’s set your mind, your environment and stay active!

Firstly, setting your mindset for success is crucial
while you’re isolated at home so revisit your business goals. Stay lock on the
goal and see what works and what does not! Literally, write down all your
business activities and see how they perform for your business. That simple act
of checking your business activities can show you gaps that could be filled
with things like leads generation activities or can show you that some
activities are not working at all. Change what does not work and improve on
what does!

Secondly, make sure your home-work environment
supports you. As much as possible have a separate room for you to work and
schedule work and family time. When you have set time to start work remember to
dress up in the morning as if you were going to the office and then change
your clothes as if you would return after work, so you do the physical act of
starting and completing your work day.

Thirdly, stay active! The best thing for your immune
system is to keep moving! Simple short workout but done every second day or
daily can really make a difference and you can even see improve productivity as
through exercises you give more oxygen to your brain!

Before trying the following make sure you are fit,
feel well and your environment is safe to exercise:

Sit-ups (start with 10 reps) – keep your knees
together, breath in while going down and breach out while going up and at the
same time contract your glutes. Remember that knees should not go beyond the
line of your toes and that the back must be straight.

Lunges (start with 3 minutes) – take a deep breath and
take long strides to lower your upper body until your front thigh is almost
parallel to the ground. Make sure that your back is straight and front knee
never extends past your toes. Exhale while squeezing your glutes and thighs to
return to a standing position before moving with the other leg.

Squats (start with 10 rep) – stand up straight, with
your feet shoulder width apart. Breath in while pushing your hips back and
bending your knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Breath
out and squeeze your glutes while returning to a standing position. Be sure to
keep your knees not exceeding the line of your toes.

Leg raises (start with 10 reps each side) – with an
inhale lift one leg to the side as high as you can. Keep your body in a
straight line. With breath out return to a standing position, repeat lifts 10
times before swapping sides.

Reverse push up on a chair (start with 5 reps) – sit
on a chair and place your hands a bit wider that shoulder width apart and
facing forward at the edge of the chair, straight your legs or keep them bent
for less demanding move. Inhale while lowering your body to the ground, exhale
while returning to a starting position.

Knees up (start with 3 minutes) – while marching on
the spot pull your knees alternately up and down. Breath in while lifting the
keens. Remembering to keep your back straight, not leaning forward and not
bending your hips during the exercise.

Lastly, standing push up (start with 5 reps) – stand
straight in front of a wall. Put your hands on the wall at shoulders’ height
with your hands shoulder width apart. Breath out while bending your arms,
leaning toward the wall. Breath in while returning to a starting position.
Remember to keep your back straight.

Well done!

In conclusion the 3 tips for entrepreneurs to support
your health while working from home are to set your winning mindset for success,
prepare good work from home environment and keep on with exercising!

Last one note,
the most important right now is to give yourself time to adjust to this current
situation and stay calm as that reduces stress which is one of the biggest
factor that impact your immune system.

Stay healthy
and positive!


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Life Coach at Risada Lifestyle

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